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Improvement Partner 

Many schools and academies have arrangements in place for an Improvement Partner (sometimes called a Challenge or Achievement Partner). It is my belief that such arrangements need to be refreshed every few years so that the school can continue to progress through a new set of very recent experiences and knowledge.

As headteacher, I have experienced three improvement partners, each with their own style and approach. My schools undoubtedly benefited from each, as did I in terms of my professional development.

As your Improvement Partner, I will ensure the right balance of independent challenge and support that is appropriate to both your needs and the needs of the school.

Visits will be at your convenience and would usually occur around once per half term. Over the year, I will

  • Interrogate performance data

  • Challenge and advise on self-evaluation

  • Help ensure improvement planning is fit for purpose

  • Advise on strategies that could aid improvement

  • Put you into contact with known best practice

  • Provide professional support for the headteacher/principal

  • Support preparation for inspection

  • Anything else required by the school

Regular communication by email will mean that our time together is focused and a good use of time.

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