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Leadership and Governor Training 

My interest and experience in this area is considerable. Great leadership can take many forms and is applicable in a variety of organisations and situations. I have read widely and applied what I considered the 'best bits' to my own leadership. I have always been passionate about identifying potential and developing effective leadership in others.

At my former school we were successful in becoming a licencee for the delivery of the  NCSL Middle Leadership Development Programme with many colleagues from several schools benefiting from this. Following this, I then co-designed and co-delivered a leadership development programme with my Deputy for local schools and colleges. What was unique about this programme is that it did not assume a certain level of responsibility or experience - it aimed to bring out leadership potential at all levels including support staff.

I have a proven track record over many years of in-house leadership development via an established associate senior leader programme whereby any member of staff can apply to fully join the Senior Leadership Team for a term. There have been several real successes whereby colleagues have then progressed to join the SLT permanently.

Of course, there are three essential strands to leadership in schools. I can offer services in relation to any of these aspects.

  • Middle leadership development - this might be working with all middle leaders, EBacc middle leaders or one or two individuals. Middle leaders are the engine of improvement and are not always equipped with the necessary skill base, for example, holding others to account effectively. I can help develop this.

  • Senior leadership development - this might be whole team development activities or working with individuals. Individually, it might be appropriate for experienced but perhaps underperforming senior leaders or for newer and more inexperienced leaders who show potential.

  • Governor development - bespoke sessions supporting governors as groups or as a whole to develop their overall role (or certain aspects such as data) as part of overall school leadership and to help prepare them for their role with Ofsted.

For each strand, I design a range of short or longer development programmes with senior or middle leaders or governors. This can be large or small group or one to one. As required, any programme can include 'Ofsted-style' scenarios (with feedback) to develop and test readiness.

Every session can be followed by a write-up as required.

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